A beautiful course that you will enjoy from beginning to end, through its different rooms, starting with our welcome room,

"Peña de Bernal" Magic Village, Casa del Dulce Museum "

You will soon know the importance of La Cocina Mexicana and its legacy as a "World Heritage Site".

Later you will arrive at the 3rd. section, "Mexico pre-Hispanic and the colony, mestizaje and wealth of goodies", there you will be able to appreciate the past, embodied in different objects and products, you will be amazed by what we will show you and surely you will want to imagine more.

In our 4th. section or room, "Mexico today, art and tradition," will be a world full of colors and artistic forms, that will

envelop you in a journey of knowledge and pleasure, the "Art-Object" as a sample of the evolution of creativity in its different forms, You will enjoy going to the past and living the present ..!

Finally, you will reach our 5th. and last section, there awaits you our viewfinder, fascinating stay, where you will be able

to see through glass our working chamber  place where they elaborate some of our delicious traditional sweets, ready to taste. Magic and taste, knowledge and surprise, this is your Museo del Dulce, visit it now!

ENTRADA GENERAL AL MUSEO $25 MX Por persona. /  GRUPOS +25 Personas. $20 MX Por persona.

Sucursal matríz: Av. Benito Juárez No. 2, Bernal Querétaro

En la entrada, sobre la Avenida Principal

01 (441) 296 4148

  • Dulces Bernal

Tiendas de nuestros socios Comerciales ubicadas en la Cd. de Querétaro.