Our founder, Don Julio Rodríguez Velázquez, is born in a small town called Peña de Bernal, state of Querétaro, on April 9, 1931.

During his childhood he use to accompany his father to visit an ant who was a nun and made candies. Julio's father saw how his son was enjoying the making of candies so he decide to give a copper pot to his son, however, Julio practice several jobs on the next 30 years before to enteraly dedicate to confectionary industry.

In 1961 Don Julio start to elaborate candies in his own home kitchen helped by his wife Doña Rosa María Vega Cabrera. Here is where both together developed our principal product: the natilla (a soft and sweet caramel).

During the 70's the natilla is launched in Querétaro, the main city of the state of Querétaro. In earlies 80's the product portfolio grows with frutas cristalizadas (cristallized fruits), enchilados (hot or spicy candies), jamoncillos (soft sugar and fruit candies), cajeta (goat milk spreadable candy), obleas (wafer), among others.

At 1990 the entrepreneurship is registred as a formal society.

At 1999 our products are introduced into Oxxo's convenience stores, expanding brand presence all over the region. In year 2007 our products are introduced into Walmart and Superama stores chain.


In late 2012 is opened to public the Casa Museo del Dulce" (Home Museum of Candy) a place where the company history is narrated and some of the production process is showed.

At february 26, 2013, Dulces Bernal' founder Don Julio Rodríguez Velázquez dies, leaving a sweet legacy of tradition in confectionary industry.

Sucursal matríz: Av. Benito Juárez No. 2, Bernal Querétaro

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